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Acerca del HAZ

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MAKE SMTHNG Week supports and promotes a movement of makers and alternatives to consumerism!

MAKE SMTHNG Week is about taking action for a better world.

It is an international festival of making that challenges our consumerist culture – instead of going shopping, we will spend quality time with friends, family and our community. We create events where we teach each other new skills and fun, creative and beautiful ways to make the most of the resources around us: by sharing, repairing, making and doing it ourselves we transform old things into something new and awesome. Together, we can step out of our wasteful overconsumption and give our beautiful Earth a break!

On Sunday, December 10th, our Make Something Day took place in Heraklion, Crete, organized by our local volunteers group. 

Kicking off on Black Friday, Nov 23 – Dec 2 2018, MAKE SMTHNG Week is taking place in cities around the world. Together with our partners Fashion Revolution, Shareable, Fab City Global Initiative & Fab Labs community, #breakfreefromplastic and Arts Thread and hundreds of makers, creatives and people like you, we will demonstrate our power to innovate towards a better, more resourceful way of life. Join our global movement and MAKE CHANGE!